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Evelyn and Dave began sailing in 1986 after Evelyn returned from an Air Force assignment in Korea.  From the start, Alex joined them in their many adventures.  Early on, the division of labor developed quite naturally.  Since sailing required quite a bit of lifting and pulling, Dave gravitated to the crew position, raising the sails, trimming the sheets, and handling the lines for tacking and jibing.  Evelyn naturally assumed the helm.  Beginning as cabin boy and later graduating to a full-time crew position, Alex has grown up on our various boats.  

Evelyn and Dave are both retired from the Air Force now.  Dave retired in 1995 after serving 20 years with time as both an enlisted man and officer.  As an engineer, Dave’s assignments kept him stateside in New Mexico, Texas, and
Maryland.  Since retiring, Dave has held a number of government and defense contractor positions in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Tampa FL.  Additionally, he enjoyed teaching as an adjunct professor at two universities.
Evelyn retired after 22 years in 2005.  Her stateside tours included Texas, Maryland, Virginia,Washington DC and Tampa FL.  Her overseas assignments took her to Korea and Hawaii.  During her stateside assignments she made many trips to the far-flung corners of the world including Japan, Thailand, Korea, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Qatar. Since her retirement, Evelyn has been very busy as a capture manager for a defense contractor based in Northern Virginia.  
We learned sailing together as a family and sailing is our most cherished pastime.  Beginning with many sailing weekends in Texas (see History), graduating to the
Chesapeake and Caribbean charters, our team now sails from our waterfront home in St Petersburg FL.  When time off permits, we sail Tampa Bay and especially love traveling to the Manatee River and Regatta Point Marina in Palmetto.  Beginning with a retirement celebration for Evelyn in 2005 and again to celebrate our 25th Anniversary in 2006, we’ve established a tradition of chartering in the BVI each spring.  Our goal is to retire in a few years and go sailing.  One of our first destinations will be Tortolla.   Additionally, we’ve become avid divers, making 5 to 10 diving trips per year.  

When his job in fast food and college classes permit, Alex joins us for both our local cruises and the charters.  Alex has a medical condition that prevents diving, but he is a mean snorkler.  We are especially blessed to have him on board; it won’t be long before he will depart on his own course.  Until then, we hope to give him as much deck-time as he can handle.  Watch for us on the water.